Monday, April 13, 2009

Update On Little Nora Ruth

Ok, so now that I am not a walking zombie I can take a few min. and give you all an update on Nora...over all she is doing well, but has a minor eye infection. Her tear duct is blocked so its making her eye all goopy and we have to put eyedrops in 3x a day, much to Nora's disliking. We have been to the doctor's office twice since she has been home. The first time she had lost almost a pound of weight and was down to 6 lbs. 13 oz. but when we went in today she was back up to her birth weight - yay. I knew she had put on some of the weight back because she has been getting the cutest chubby baby cheeks I have ever seen! She just melts our hearts...especially Aaron's...Nora is definitely already daddy's little girl. Fatherhood has taken a liking to Aaron and he is wonderful at it!! It is hard to imagine our life before she was here. I definitely love being a mom! Speaking of moms I owe a HUGE thank you to my mom. She has been the biggest help getting me adjusted to motherhood and through all the hormone changes and sleepless nights. It is nice to have someone who understands what it is like to start crying for no reason while eating Apple Jacks and how overwhelming it is to only sleep 3 hours a night. It really gives me so much more love and appreciation for my own mother, knowing how much work it is to be a new mom and that she went through it all for me as a baby as well as for my 4 brothers and sisters. I love you mom! Ok well here are a few more pics of our precious addition...enjoy!


Tiffani said...

it's so funny how your house is already full of baby stuff! I noticed the couch was full of blankets and a boppy. I love it!

Sonny said...

You're in the swing of things it sounds like. You and Aaron will be great! Congratulations and Good luck. Sleep while you can.

Love, Sonny

Cassidy and AE Harris said...

oh she is adorable! I am so excited to meet her tomorrow.

shumashuma said...

AWW Shes darling! I found your blog through Holly's hope you don't mind me stopping by.
Congrats on your cute bundle of joy.=)