Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nora Ruth's Update

Finally, my last (and most important) post of the update on my princess Nora. I am happy to announce that I am currently a stay-at-home mom! I quit my job this week after much discussion with Aaron that it would be best for our family, even though it might mean tight times for a bit. I am so excited to devote my days to my baby and not accounting at a truck shop! We went to the pediatrician last week and little Nora is now 9 lbs. 13 oz. and 23 inches long. She has grown the cutest little belly, her hair is starting to get thicker and longer, and she is smiling all the time. We are blessing her this Sunday and I still am having a hard time that I am a mother to such a beautiful baby! She participated in her first 5K race with me, my mom and my brother-in-laws girlfriend Nicole on Saturday. (pic of her in the pink bunny-eared hoodie).

Now for the funniest Nora story to date....Two sundays ago Aaron and I were sitting in Sunday School when Nora loudly made her diaper dirty. Aaron so graciously offered to go change her even though it was my turn. So after a while I started to wonder where he was because he had yet to return. Then I noticed another dad (Brent) take his little girl out to get changed so I figured Aaron would have to be back soon because Brent would be needing the changing table. A few minutes later Brent returned waving me out in the hall. Apparently Nora had a blowout and needed a new outfit. (Aaron had only taken 1 diaper and wipes to the bathroom, not the whole diaper bag) So, I gave Brent a new outfit for him to bring into the bathroom to Aaron. Then I waited some more....a few minutes later a lady in our ward (Emily) came into Sunday School looking for me. She was laughing saying that Aaron needed a new diaper! In the process of waiting for a new outfit Nora had pooped through her new diaper and was all dirty again. Aaron with out another diaper (and with 2 dads waiting for the changing table) didn't know what to he left the bathroom and walked toward the Sunday School room holding Nora COMPLETELY NAKED!! Luckily Emily saw him and stopped him halfway there and offered him a diaper to put on Nora while she came to get me. The funny thing was the only diaper she had was one for her son who wears a size 4 diaper so it went up to Nora's armpits! But it saved us because by the time Aaron got Nora to the bathroom with the diaper bag to get her put back together she had dirtied the size 4 diaper too. Moral of the story...always bring the diaper bag, not just one diaper! Aaron sure is a great dad! (See pic of giant diapered baby)

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Swenson Family said...

That is hilarious!!! What I miss in Primary... That is fun that you have a blog. I found the link on the Wingert's blog.