Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 Month and 2 Days Already!

So, this past month has been the fastest of my life. Nora is now 1 month and 2 days old. I can hardly believe it! She has grown so much which is fun to watch, but bittersweet because I want her to stay little too. In her first month of life Nora has learned to smile and is tracking things much better with her eyes (very few cross-eyes these days) and I am pretty sure she has passed up 8 lbs, although the official weigh in isn't for a few more weeks. In honor of her first month celebration I thought I would share with you all the long list of nicknames Nora has already acquired. It will be interesting to see which ones stick for the long haul.

1. Little Foot - This was the first thing that came to mind when Nora was born and I called her this as soon as I delivered her and they put her on my chest.
2. Little One
3. Chicken - This one is from Daddy because of Nora's chickeny legs
4. Peanut
5. Lil' Nor
6. Petrie - Nora was dubbed this by Aunt Megan, who has taken quite a liking to little Nora Ruth and the dinosaur sounding noise she makes just like Petrie the Teradactyl on The Land Before Time.

7. My Squishee

I am pretty sure the Little Foot and Petrie will be the 2 that stick - oddly enough both are from the movie The Land Before Time, which I didn't really enjoy much as a child because it made me cry.

Oh and thanks Miriam for the help with upgrading my pics with Picasa, you are the best!

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Micah said...

She is so cute! What a cute blog you have, that I didn't know you had until Steve told me! You guys are so great

Miriam Lee said...

Such a cutie!! It was fun to see you Saturday at the "tea party"!! Glad you figured out Picassa. There are lots of ways to collage your pictures--have you figured that out? See you soon.