Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandpa's Hats

For those of you who didn't get the opportunity to know him, my Grandpa Wagstaff was an amazing guy. He passed away shortly after Nora was born, just shy of his 91st birthday. I have many fond memories of him..from picking gooseberries at his house in Ogden, to him always having his pocket knife handy to assist the grandkids in opening stubborn gifts at Christmas and birthdays. My Grandpa was "the handyman", the best there was and ever will be. He could fix anything and worked until he was 90! Needless to say he spent most of his time in work pants the occasional coveralls and his famous hats. I didn't get to go to my Grandpa's funeral because Nora was too little to travel and I was still recovering. At his funeral my Grandma and Dad and Aunt decided to give away my Grandpa's enourmous collection of hats. Even though I couldn't attend my Dad brought me a hat too. It was a little too small for my big head, so someday Nora will grow into is her first appearance in one of her Great-Grandpa's famous hats. I love you Grandpa! Thanks for the memories and the hat! (I don't have any pics of my Grandpa on the computer to upload, so you will just have to wait until my Dad turns 90 and you will know just what he looked like!)

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Sonny said...

So precious. Hold on to that hat!