Sunday, October 4, 2009

From This To.....This?!

From This.... ...To This!! Earlier this week when I finally figured out what day it was (my life is just one giant blur of a day these days) I realized it was conference this week and I was racking my brain trying to figure out why it seemed so long since I listened to conference. Thats when it hit me...last conference Sunday I was in labor!!! Nora will be 6 months old tomorrow! I attempted to listen to conference back in April, but the morning session I was pre-epidural and as you can imagine was a little preoccupied that day. Today it was almost just as hard to listen while trying to take care of my little one. I am shocked at how fast the time flies. (The conference last October I was reincarnating Aaron's baby blanket for Nora as I was 3 months pregnant.)

In the past 6 months you have grown from our "little foot" to "squishee" and have made many milestones in your short little life thus far. This past month alone you have learned to roll over both ways, can sit up on your own while playing with toys, started eating rice cereal and baby veggies (you prefer not to eat peas just like your mom), and also just like your mom learned to throw a tantrum like the best of 'em! You still look like daddy overall, but luckily grew my dark eyelashes and we think you will have my nose. You have gotten chubbier and have developed your own little personality. You have decided you LOVE music and I think you will be a dancer someday like mom. You love to be sung primary songs and lullabies to go to sleep, but dance around any time there is music playing. We love you peanut and are so lucky to have you as our daughter!! Love, Mom and Dad

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Amber said...

Wow, you made me cry. Yes, they grow so fast! There are such special spirits coming to earth in these last days, and Nora is definitely one of them. She is so beautiful!