Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting Old

I just spent far too long trying to find a blog background that I like. I wasn't thrilled with any of them, so I settled on the Easter one since its the next holiday (and the day before Nora's 1st birthday!) I got the cutest Easter basket at Joann's Crafts the other day for Nora, I can't wait. Also on the topic of Joann's....I mentioned to Aaron today that we were crazy for attempting to go to Joann's and Home Depot on a Saturday because they would be so busy...he thought it was more humorous that we were going to Joann's and Home Depot at all! His comment was "when did we get so old?" I guess only adults go to Joann's and Home Depot, and given that we went to both in one day (and have a baby) I guess we are adults now. Yay for us! It was after waiting at Joann's for 45 min. just to get 2 yards of fabric cut that he realized the truism of my earlier comment.
Why I was at Joann's you ask?? Wait for the posts to come in the days ahead....

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