Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Nora,

You are 11 months old today! I try to keep track of all the cute things you learn/do, but its hard so here is my shot at remembering this past months activities. This month you...
1. Got 2 top teeth (at the same time)... and then a week later we noticed the 3rd top tooth coming in. You tolerate getting teeth pretty well though, only a runny nose and occasional diaper rash. And now you are a regular barracuda when you eat!
2. Learned to say "hi" and wave too. This was your first word (other than daddy) but the first that I think you really understand.
3. Use sign language for "more" when you want more food. We hoped it would stop the grunting when you want something, now you just grunt until we look your way and then sign "more".
3. Stand alone, until you realize your not holding anything and get scared.
4. Walk everywhere holding onto my finger.
5. You do what Dad calls the "bucking bronco" where you kneel and hold onto the edge of the bed frame and look like you are riding a bull.
6. You think you are invincible and try to climb on everything. Our favorite is to see you step on the outide frame of the walker and play with the toys. Funny, since you hate sitting in it and playing with them.
7. You have given up all baby food, baby crackers, or anything baby. You will only eat grown up food and loooove bananas right now.
8. You fold yourslef in half in the tub so you can stick your face in the water to blow bubbles. I can't wait to bring you to the pool this summer!
9. And the real clincher is....we weighed you on Wii Fit yesterday...and given you were dressed and had a wet diaper, you weighed in at a very cute chubby 23.5 lbs!
You are so pretty and smart Tootsie. Dad and I love you so much!

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The A Gang said...

Make sure you are going to print your blog. Nora will treasure all those loving notes from mom.