Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skiing, The Easter Bunny, and Good Eats!

Below are a few pics of this past weekend. Being Easter and Nora's 1st birthday we had a busy couple of days. For Easter we ate lunch at the Edwards and had a fun egg hunt in the back yard, then we headed home for naps and up to my parent's for dinner. Nora got her very own pack of fruit snacks in her Easter basket and was so excited she was shaking. Aaron also splurged and bought her a courdouroy duck that she absolutely adores.
For Nora's birthday we took her skiing for her first time. Hunter works up at Brighton ski resort and has been planning this since she was born. Nora did really well all things considered. It was really snowy and windy, so she only lasted about a half hour, but she was happy and then we enjoyed the best cheese fries ever! Later that night we had a bbq (indoors) and...Nora decided she wasn't a baby anymore and started walking everywhere instead of crawling!!! Here's a video proving her mad skills....

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Dan and Jen said...

I'm so sorry we missed her party! Congrats on the walking, Nora! I'm super impressed that you took her skiing. We have yet to do that with Sydney. I took Sawyer to his 18 month and he weighs a whopping 23 lbs. Nora could totally take him! Especially since she doesn't have much hair to pull. Which, as Sydney would attest, is Sawyer's main move. :) Happy Birthday Nora! It looks like you guys had a great weekend.