Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Nora got sick today. It is really sad, but we are also really grateful that she made it to 15 months without ever having to be on an antibiotic! I took her to the pediatrician because she had goopy eyes. The dr. couldn't believe she was so cheerful because she has a double eye infection, fever, sore throat, and ear infection!
While we were waiting (45 min) for our appt. A mom came in with her darling 2 kids. The oldest, a boy named Presly (probably 4), came right over to Nora holding a bug cage with 2 live dragonflies in it. He promply started explaining/acting out how him and his friend had spent 2 days catching them by standing on a rock at the edge of a pond and swinging thier bug net over and over. Then Presly told us that they are named "Flappy" and "Speedy" because one doesn't fly it just flaps, and the other one flies really fast. At this point his mom chimes in and asks if Flappy is dead because he wont fly. Presly immediately opens the cage and takes Flappy out...sure enough he is alive, but doesn't fly, just flaps his wings. I'm sure the receptionists were in shock that a kid would bring in dragonflies to a dr's office, let alone take them out to play! They didn't say anything though since we were the only patients waiting and Nora was mesmerized. Before they were called back Presly quickly gave us a lesson on the life stages of a dragonfly and off he was to see the dr. with bugs in tow. 20 min. later they come back out and Presly starts talking to us again while his mom and sister go to the bathroom. Before they leave he announces "I'm not that Elvis guy, my name isn't even spelled the same, ok!?" Apparently people think the 4 year old asian kid is Elvis. Ha!
To top off the day. We went to Walgreen's to fill Nora's prescriptions and there were the CRAZIEST people there!
Picture lady totally freaking out because she had been waiting for 3 hours to have her 8 prescriptions filled. Two of which were Lortab and Oxycontin which they wouldn't give her without a picture I.D. The store manager had to be called back because she was screaming so loud at the tech because they would only fill 5 of the prescriptions, because the others were expired. Ten min. later as she is escorted out we find out that the only reason she has been there 3 hours is because she wouldn't stop fighting. Hmmm, I wondered why they didn't escort her out earlier?
And then...A large lady at the counter complaining to her hubby about her sore back. Hubby (wearing striped t-shirt underneath shorts overalls, with sandals and socks) starts rubbing her back all inapropriate like...then the topper...........what I am assuming is their friend, starts hugging the hubby from behind and dancing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? EW! No one at Walgreens needed to see the twisted love train!

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