Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Happy 14 months...a few days late. You have sprouted into a little human this month and I officially think of you as a toddler not a baby. Here is a list of this months firsts.

1. blowing kisses

2. saying: may may (megan), naaa (nate, you stand at the banister at Grandma's and call for him in the basement whenever we are up there), please, uh-oh, thank you, neigh (horse sound), bup (up), ouw (out, usually of your crib), ooohhh (while giving hugs, which is also a first), nunny (for your bunny)

3. climbing on everything!

4. get yourself off the couch

5. first bee sting, ouch! (that just happened today)

6. first camping trip, which was also the first night you didn't sleep at home

7. first snow cone, yay summer!

I also weaned you off of bottles at nap time and you did great! Now that summer is here we play in the pool and go on walks/jogs every day which you love! I think you would be happy if we stayed outside all day. You are becoming so independent and want ot run everywhere. You really don't enjoy being at church, I think because you can't run and talk non-stop . Your favorite food this month has been strawberries and love when dad shares his cereal with you in the morning. Oh and you have mastered the art of tantrum throwing when you don't get what you want...for some reason I thought that didn't start until age 2, silly me.

We love you Nora and can't wait to have more fun adventures this summer!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


Cassidy and AE Harris said...

Heather I would love to do lunch or dinner soon! I am hardly working this summer so let me know when is good for you!

Anne and Michael Whyte said...

When I first read your title, I was like Late? She's pregnant?! But no... :)

I absolutely LOVED it when Emma hit 14 months. It just gets better and better. That's the beginning of watching them just turn into little people instead of babies. It's awesome.

I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!

Courtney Wagstaff said...

Ha ha Anne... that is exactly what I thought too.