Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

1. Poetic Wax from Blissworld.com. Came in the mail today and my eyebrows have never been happier!

2. New Nair Wax Strips. Ladies...there is no need to pay more than $7 to get any part of your body waxed again! I used this last night for the first time and I am; sold. I still prefer the Poetic for my eyebrows but will use the Nair strips for everywhere else...;)
3. Freshetta Flat Bread Pizzas. Yum! 4. New swimming suit from Victoria's Secret. I have looooved this since they day I saw it, but they sold out of my size uber fast! Luckily all the boxing I have been doing has been making me lose boob fat so I fit in a smaller top size. It came in the mail today and I felt like a kid on Christmas!
5. Diet Coke. Does anyone else think that some places have better D.C. than others?! I opt for Shop-n-go or Maverik.6. Sour Patch Kids. Enough said.


Micah said...

I love this list! Don't you love when simple things make you so happy? We miss you guys!

The Taylors said...

I got the wax and I havent used it but i'm gonna today because my eye brows are out of control. I LOVE the suit you got, I got one from there this week too! we have not seen you guys in weeks.....when can we hang out!!?