Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I went to Logan last weekend to spend time with my BFF Court and all of my Aunts and Cousins. I am having withdrawls...like a smoker quitting cold turkey style. Serious withdrawls. I need to move to Logan! We played at Willow Park/Zoo, swam at the Aquatic Center, ate delicious enchiadas and Sour Patch kids, puzzled, laughed, and a select person peed her pants (no, not me!). I had plans to go up Thursday and come home Friday, but I couldn't make myself leave and ended up staying until lunch time on Saturday. It was so fun to see my cousin Anne and her sweet girl Emma who were visiting from Virginia. We also got a huge chunck of the 24,ooo piece puzzle done. Nora was really good, even while cutting 2 teeth. And Sat. morning Court and I found the most amazing garage sale find....the original Uncle Wiggly Game! It was a fabulous weekend...and I just might go back up this Sat. (if I havn't overstayed my welcome at Aunt Rachie's)
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Anne and Michael Whyte said...

Thanks so much for getting everything planned! It was so much fun to see everyone- makes me wish we could be closer to family!

We should have gotten a picture of all the girls in their matching green dresses but I'm sure there will be many more matching outfits in the future. Unless Rachie gets burned out.... :)

So good to see you and Nora- she is so big now! And I still think you should move to Virginia....