Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chicken Dinner

Dear Nora,

You are 16 months this month...going on 2! You are our cute little chicken with a temper. As frustrated as I get by your hitting/biting/spitting I can't get mad because God blessed me with a child just like me (my mom is probably laughing right now).

We started you in nursery early since I got called as a nursery leader and you LOVE it!

You are wanting to sit on the "big girl potty" and i'm shooting for celebrating 18 months by being done diapers.
We love you Tootsie!

Mama and Dad


Megan said...

that chicken pic of nora is hands down the cutest thing i have ever seen!!

Kimerly said...

You're right, I am laughing. Hope she doesn't 'grow into' the 2 hour crying jags, in the car, that you used to pull. And that chicken costume, even unfinished, should win a price. Teach her to run around and say: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!", like Chicken Little.

Kimerly said...

oops! Meant to say 'win a prize'.