Monday, November 15, 2010

Brain Fart

Sorry to write this so late, but Happy 19 months!
So far this month you have started putting 2 words together to make little phrases and learned a bunch of new words.
Today's new word: Thankyougiving (Thanksgiving)
You slept in your "big girl" bed for the first time two nights ago,
love to cook with mom and grandma,
and have learned how to be a big sister early since we have been tending 3 month old Teagan.
You are so sweet and will be such a great big sister!!!
We can't believe how smart you are and how much you make us laugh!
Example of a Nora funny: You lifted up dads shirt the other day laid on his belly patted it and said in a sweet little voice "baby!"
I guess you don't quite understand that daddy's tummy doesn't have a baby in it too, just moms.
Love you to pieces,
Mommy and Daddy

Oh! And you're starting to grow hair at last and will actually let me put a headband or bow in on rare occasion, yay!

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The Taylors said...

we love you nora girl! Good job sleepin in your big girl bed!