Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The Great Christmas Tree Adventure"

"Once upon a time there was a pregnant mother(feeling like a whale);
who with her young daughter, handsome husband, witty sister and many crazy relatives decided the time had come to pick the "perfect" Christmas tree for sprucing up our home.
We drove and drove and drove until the clan had all congregated in Idaho.
All bundled up and eager to go we headed into the woods.

The mother was lucky enough to have her albino twin sister there to carry her daughter on her back.
After hiking through snow that was as deep as my waist in some spots we found a tree...and it was by no means perfect, but we were tired and cold and hungry and didn't care about the "perfect" tree so much anymore.
So the twin albino and little girl took the lead while the rest of us followed dragging our trees behind.
The pregnant mothers' unborn fetus was not thrilled about the heavy load they were dragging and tried her darndest to break out.
We finally made it to the car and the clan took off...leaving us behind.
Luckily handsome husband knew his way back.

...But didn't know under the snow was a HUGE ditch..."

So we got stuck while flipping a u-turn.
Really stuck.
In the dark.
In the 13 degree weather.
In Idaho.

I learned 2 important things that day...
1. My albino twin and husband are saints.

2. The people from Preston, ID are too!
Enjoy the pics!


Kimerly said...

Glad you're all safe...and got a tree. Thank goodness for handsome husbands and albino sisters! ps..looks like the albino sister would be a natural at the mommy thing...just sayin'.

Sabrina said...

LOL that is funny!!=) I mean I'm sure it wasn't in the moment...but it's a great story to tell now.=)