Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pregnancy Ate My Brain

I have this theory that the baby i'm cooking is going to be a genius.
I think all of my brain function is being transferred to her through the umbilical cord.
(Not that i'm a genius, but paired with her own brain power she is getting an extra boost of intellect.)
Pregnancy Eating My Brain Case #1:
Aaron's Christmas present was going to be a homemade patchwork quilt.
I have spent what seems like a million hours on this project (in reality probably about 12 hours so far).
Apparently patchwork quilting and pregnancy do not go hand-in-hand.
I finished sewing the 200+ squares together to make the patchwork top in a queen/king turned out it's not even a twin size.
I did my math 3 times and had the lady at Joann's help me.
I have no idea what happened.
I laid on the hard wood floor in the unfurnished living room and wept.
Why not just add more squares you ask?
Two of the five fabrics I chose are out of stock...Merry Christmas to me.
And I thought leaving the oven on 3 times this pregnancy was bad...
Christmas miracle:
I found a back-up gift that I think Aaron will LOVE...and I found it on sale with an additional 10% off. Yay!
Happy Holidays!
(Especially to all you prego's out there who no doubt will have some hormonal days in the coming weeks due to the stress of the holiday's and our precious buns in the ovens!)

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Kimerly said...

"Mama always made Christmas good at our house...." the song says. My mom did it, I try to do it, and now your are making Christmas good at your house!! You are extraordinary, and I loved spending time with Nora while you sewed.