Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who doesn't love a bargain!?!

You all probably know very well that I rarely pay full-price for things. Call me stingy if you will, but I happen to love being a penny-pincher. For those of you who have been asking how I do it I have compiled a list of my favortie places to find bargain/baby deals. Enjoy!
#1. babysteals.com - They post a new deal twice daily at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. up to 80% off retail prices. They are also local so you have the option for pick-up instead of paying shipping.When Nora was tiny I got 5 pairs of Baby Legs (usually $15 a pair) for $20 total!
#2 kidsteals.com - Run by the same people as babysteals.com, but they only have one deal a day at 9 a.m.
#3 mamabargains.com - They have multiple deals all day that are always 40-80% off retail. Once an item sells out they post a new one. Their deals are mostly baby items, but they do have some things for older kids and they have more "big ticket" items such as strollers/carriers than babysteals.com does. They are also local so no shipping if you pick up at their warehouse. This is the deal website I purchase from most frequently.
#4 babycheapskate.com - This website is updated multiple times daily with places to find deals on baby/kid/maternity items as well as coupons and tips for being a frugal mom.
#5 babyhalfoff.com - One baby deal a day that is at least 50% off retail.
#6 albeebaby.com - This is a website that specializes in baby items. They have awesome deals on strollers/carseats/etc. in their clearance section and usually have at least one promotion running for a specific brand or item. Right now their entire site of regular priced items is 15% off using code "15off" at checkout!
#7 zulily.com - This is a members only website (don't worry its free to be a member) with daily/weekly deals for moms/babies/kids. They have multiple deals running at a time and I have bought awesome stuff!
#8 lilluxe.com - Another members only website (still free!) with multiple deals running at a time. I bought Nora's Melissa and Doug shopping cart from here for Christmas at a GREAT price! Right now they have a $10 off $50 promotion running.
#9 retailmenot.com - Just type in the company you are looking to purchase from and they list all the current online/printable coupons.
There are a few other sites, but these are my favorites and the only ones I have ever bought things from. Mamabargains and Babysteals definitely take the cake for my top 2 because I get free shipping and can usually pick up my items with in a day or two of ordering. You can also "like" these pages on Facebook for current updates when they post new deals as well as discount codes. Also, on both Zulily and Lilluxe I can send you an invite via email (let me know if you are interested) so that when you make your first purchase I get a credit. Once you are registered you can pass along invites too and get the same perk!
Hope this was helpful.


Leah J said...

True Cuddles is another great one! (www.truecuddles.com)

Anne and Michael Whyte said...

So, send me an invite email (annejwhyte@gmail.com) to Zulily and Lilluxe. I probably won't buy anything, since I'm broke, but if I ever do we will both win! :) I have checked mamabargains, kidsteals, and babysteals every day for months... and I've only made one purchase. Maybe someday I'll have money. Haha.