Friday, February 4, 2011

Hefty, Hefty, Hefty!

A conversation between the hubby and I last night:
Aaron: Will you give me a head scratch?
Me: Ya, I'll go put the clean sheets on the bed while you go brush your teeth. (Aaron's teeth routine takes about 7 min. and I didnt want to wait around that long and then wait for him to put the sheet on to give him a head scratch)
Aaron: No! I'll put the sheets on the bed. You are pregnant you shouldn't be hefting yourself around like that...I mean you pretty much have a basketball under your's like you are wearing a camping backpack on backwards.
Thanks hun. I didn't feel fat enough already.
Love you too!
p.s. Aaron did not get his head scratch.
Dear Baby Stella,
I cleaned the house today. Baseboards and all. So feel free to come anytime!

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Kimerly said...

At least he doesn't have to wash, dry, and hairspray his hair before he takes you to the hospital to deliver.