Friday, February 11, 2011

Pump Post

Being pregnant (along with at least 9 others of you friends) wouldn't you love to sit in this Eames lounge chair while nursing your little bundle of joy?!?

Someday when I am rich and Aaron works from home I want this chair in his office so I can relax and watch him work. (A girl can dream right!?)

Back to reality and the topic of nursing...after many hours of reviewing pumps online and pestering recomendations out of friends I have decided to go with a manual breast pump this time around for 3 reasons.

1.Cost - Manual pumps are much cheaper and that way if it ends up not working out, i'm not out hundreds of dollars.
2. Convenience - Living in an old home only half of our outlets work. With a manual I don't need to worry about plugging it in and it will be great on road trips!

3. Calories - I have a goal to be less lazy about getting back to my pre-preggo body this time around...and manually pumping can only burn extra calories, right?!

And as far as being a bargain hunter goes, I have decided on the Medela Harmony and am purchasing it from At $27.99 I can't really go wrong. Yay for bargains to make me feel a little more excited about this...

Oh! and have you seem how cool these are!

No more carrying around a nursing cover. Just snap this on the babies blanket and you are good to go...genius!

Review of breast pump to follow.

...2 weeks 5 days until 'lil Stella's done baking!

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