Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Should I Be Sad?

I wonder if it is strange that as I sit here staring at my legs (a.k.a. tree trunks) swollen to oblivion and my stomach which so nicely exploded into a spider web of stretch marks yesterday that I am not sad, I think it is hilarious! I look like a fat momma alien carring a squirmy baby alien. But am so grateful to be in this state because it means I am very close to meeting sweet Stella. And who can be sad when they are sipping caffiene-free diet coke and eating Jelly Bellys...pure bliss as long as I continue to pick out the horrid buttered popcorn flavor when Aaron isn't looking.

If you needed a visual...my legs look similar to my friend Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka.


Brittany said...

a beautiful image I am sure. You make sure Aaron knows how lucky he is!

The A Gang said...

You are soooo dang funny Heather! You are beautiful! Can't wait to meet Stella!

And Agreed on the butter popcorn jellie bellies. Yuck!!!!!!

Kimerly said...

Mom's get the medal of bravery for getting these little bundles here in one piece, while we're being stretched and rearranged from limb to limb! You look darling! Can't wait to meet Stella!