Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling Crafty and IUD'S

Two of my favorite gals, Ellen and Katie, are expecting baby boys in the next couple months. I found a few tutorials online about how to repurpose vintage ties and scrap material to make baby ties and LOVED them.
It was a really fun craft and super easy.
I can't wait to meet the new little ones!

...and one day maybe have a boy of my own to put cute ties on. Which brings me to topic #2, IUD'S. I told Aaron he is going to have to wait a while for his son. I was a bit under-prepared for how hard 2 kids under 2 would be and have decided the next baby will be spaced farther apart. I absolutely HATE the pill. Last time I was on it I put on over 10 lbs. the first month of taking it. So ladies, what are your feelings on the IUD? I have heard some horror stories so am kind of nervous. What do you think?!?!


Jamie said...

I loved the iud because:
-no period (or like one day of bleeding and no cramps)
-not having to worry about taking a pill or anything

but I hated it because
-I swear the hormones messed with me

I think this next time instead of going with the Mirena IUD I'm going to do the copper IUD, which has no hormones but I hear it makes your periods harder, but that would be better than being insane, right?

Good luck!

Lindsey said...

I too love the IUD!!! I did the Mirena and didn't feel any side effects with the hormones, the pills were worse for me (plus the weight.)

Amber said...

I loved having an IUD after Corbin. My periods didn't go away, but they were lighter. After Spencer, it seemed like my hormones were kind of out of whack, but I'm not sure it was because of the IUD (especially after NOT being on an IUD for a year and my hormones are still crazy). I have lots of friends and family that have IUDs, and they think they are great.
It is hard at first with two. I'm sure you'll get the hang of things quickly though-- you are a wonderful mom! Next time I'm down, I'll give you a call and we should get together.

mathistown said...

I'm about to do the hormone free IUD and have heard good things. I HATED the pill when I was on it before Sawyer, so I won't be doing that or anything else with hormones again. We'll see how it goes!

Brittany said...

warning: I am on the copper IUD and love it for the lack of hormones BUT the risk of pregnancy is high with lots of complication IF you do fall pregnant. since I am terrified of having another right now we have IUD and some extra protection during certain times of the month. ;o) More people have fallen pregnant then I wanted to realize. So be careful but I like the copper.

Kimerly said...

..glad I don't have to make those decisions anymore! Always made me so mad/still does that the guys don't have to 'be more responsible' take crappy hormone options. Ugh!

Dan and Jen said...

I don't have any recommendations about IUD's. I've never had one. I have had friends who like them and two friend who had them tear through their uterus. But I think that is pretty rare. I mostly just want to let you know that two kids is definitely an adjustment (and we had Sawyer when Syd was 3 1/2!) but it will get better. I think the first 6 weeks are the most stressful. At least that is how it has been around here with the third. Caraline is six weeks and we are all finally starting to figure things out. Just try to relax and don't stress about too much. Things will calm down. Good luck!!!

Dynamic duo said...

I love, love the IUD. I am going strong on it for 7 yrs (minus the 10 months i was pregnant, twice, of course). Each time, though, I haven't had any problems with hormones, my periods stop quickly and I have no problems getting pregnant after taking the IUD out for such a reason. I haven't ever been in any danger of getting prego while on the IUD. The horror stories I have heard have been far and few between. It is totally worth the try! I use Mirena. The copper ones, for me, have too many risks and other things that are more of a concern for me. Plus, I stick with what I know and have tried and that is the Mirena. Good luck!!