Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Being the budget nazi that I am I really hate buying low quality stuff. I think it is useless to spend money on something that will break in a day/week/or even month. If I am going to spend my hubby's hard earned money on something it better be in it for the long haul (unless its food).This is why I LOOVE Melissa and Doug toys. They are solid wood, quality, kid resistant toys and can be found at fantastic prices. I hope to add this awesome sushi set to my girls' toy collection for Christmas...or maybe as a reward when Nora gets through potty training. She has about 5 other sets and the cute wood kitchen that Stella is laying in is also Melissa and Doug. There are few baby/kid things that I get stoked on enough to blog about. But the whole world should know about Melissa and Doug...and Tutoring Toy in Foothill Village is an awesome place to acquire these awesome toys. Great customer service, a kids area to play aaaand free gift wrapping. Thats all. Go buy some for your kiddos!

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mathistown said...

We love M&D at our house too.