Friday, April 22, 2011

Still Waiting.

I have been sitting on hold to talk to the Intermountain Healthcare billing office for ages...and the elevator music really sucks...and I really don't need the repeated recording every 3o seconds telling me "the next available representative will be with you". Who else thinks it is way unfair that to bring our beautiful babies into this world we have to rack up a large lump sum of debt. Pain of childbirth = Ouch! Pain of dealing with insurance/paying bills = Mega Ouch! I am a firm believer that someone should be paying me to shove 8 lb. 9 oz. out of my womanhood. Who's with me?!

Update: 23 Minutes and 40 Seconds later...the idiots told me the wrong fax number to send in my financial aid application so they never got it. Way to go


Monica said...

We are riding in the same boat heather. Honestly--- a $13,000 bill for helping me get the baby out of my body is a little overdone. I'm the one who grew the baby! 10 months of work vs. the 2 days they helped out. Someone should be paying me!!!

Brittany said...

Over here in AU they pay you $5000 to have a baby and no hospital bills (well that is if you are a Australian resident which I am not) but if you need to move her for the next few babies it is an idea!

Sabrina said...

Oh heather! I seriously laugh so hard when I read your posts (I think it's because they hit a little to close to home! aside from they whole second child thing) Thanks for making my day! It really would be nice to go back to those days when things were so simple.
I remember getting Savanah's bills when Bruce didn't have a job and thinking they wernt that bad until Bruce made me add a zero! YIKES!! I think I almost past out! But not everyone can say they have a baby that cost 120,000 not including my hospital bill which I wont even mention.
(It's not my fault my child wanted to be born in califonia while I was on vaction!!=) Seriously I think I'll get a ulser if I have to talk to one more financial person..( who, "lost my paper work") they usually turn out to all be complet idiots.
Thanks again for the fun reads!!=)