Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Nora.

Although the terrible two's have hit with a vengeance, I love you to pieces. You were perfectly well behaved at the park today which was wonderful. You did lock yourself in the playroom earlier and I had to make a death defying leap over the window well into the window to let you free...but as frustrating as it was, it was hi-lar-i-ous! Also, you just went down for your nap without getting out of bed once, GO TEAM GO! Which is a remarkable improvement than yesterday's 9 times out of bed and getting the ultimate punishment...I took away your "mommy nunny". But even after those 9 times I still couldn't help but laugh as I went down to spy and heard you telling your bunny "Yeah Buddy, Rollin' Like A Big Shot!". (Thanks Daddy.) I'm so sorry the move has thrown you for a loop. You always keep me laughing and I adore that about you. I love you Tootsie!

Love, Mom

P.s. Another 2 year old Nora moment for the record: You pooped in the tub...twice in two days...and Daddy bare handed the turd. That's love.


Kimerly said...

Better get a non-locking door handle on that playroom. And oh-me-oh-my, what ideas will Nora have now that she's seen you climb through a window!?! Watch that window too!

Elle and Jared said...

i am seriously laughing about this post. all of it.