Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tonight And It's Happenings.

Warning: Randomness follows.
1. When Nora whines I feel like my ears are going to bleed...They have felt that way a lot lately.
2. When I see ads for baby slings and the sling wearer is still cradling the baby it makes it look the sling is useless. Just sayin'.
3. After I write this I am going to hit up Ebay for a Speck iphone case. My friend K. just got a new one and I am a bit jealous that I am dealing with a broken one. So splurge I will. I am jealous of K. a lot. Last night her boy O. slept through the night...sigh...
4. Tonight I made brownies for E. who won't be able to indulge in ice cream tomorrow night. She is one of my "sister wifes". More to follow on them later (once we actually get a pic of us all).
5. Remember way back when, when I posted a before series of the new duplex??? Well, if I ever can get this place clean and organized I will post the afters. I promise I am working on it. Slow and steady wins the race right?!?
6. Today I bought a desk off of for $25. It is going to be my sewing station and I am beyond excited! It does need a DIY re-do though. I am thinking either sea foam green or mustard yellow. Any ideas?
7. My hubby is watching a show on Navy Seals that parachute out of airplanes with specially trained dogs attached to their chests. AWESOME.


Elle Keeps Moving said...

sorry i spoiled it by reading this post, but i love you. seriously. more than i love brownies and that's saying something.

Kimerly said...

The only thing worse than a 2-yr old whining is a teenager whining. Just you wait! And be grateful that you have a beautiful daughter...whiney and all!

Kimerly said...

ha! ha! My word verification to post comment was 'sane'! Maybe it should've been 'insane'!