Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Plans This Weekend?

You do now. Go show my beautiful friend Ellen some love at the Style Mantra Boutique where she will be selling her totally awesome Lulu Wraps. Ellen is probably the most talented person I have met. Ever. You can visit her shop HERE...but sadly for you her wraps are so popular they are SOLD OUT! You better get your butt in gear and head over to the boutique on Friday and snag you one. And if you need a ride I will probably be heading out right around opening time Friday evening to get the first pick of the new fall colors

{I didn't want to steal a picture of E. off of her blog without her permission and it's a tad bit late to call her, so you will just have to go take a look-see at her blog to check out E. and her rad family}

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Elle Keeps Moving said...

i'm so glad i just checked your blog before bed. i was just feeling so crappy and overwhelmed and then i saw your post. this gives me just enough energy to keep going. you're the best. xoxxx