Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things I Love About Today.

1. When I got up today Nora was waiting at the back door to play in the freshly fallen snow, thrilled to finally be able to wear her snow boots from grandma. As soon as Aaron left for school Nora put on her "pink marshmallow" and I put on Stella's "marshmallow" and we went out walking. At 8 a.m, with no bra and no place to go. We had a blast.
2. The thing Tootsie is most excited about this Christmas is leaving Santa milk and cookies. Apparently I haven't informed her of the whole Christmas Eve routine before, because when I told her that Santa leaves you gifts when you leave him cookies she about had a heart attack she was so excited. I think that being a mom at Christmas is even more fun than Christmas as a kid.
3. Aaron and I are going on a date tonight! (Pick up your jaw.) This is only the 4th date we have been on since Stella was born 8 1/2 months ago. Each time we go to the Dodo. I am salivating right now thinking about my smoked turkey w/ swiss and bbq sauce that I will get to enjoy in t-minus 4 hours. And even though I am trying to cut back on the caffiene I might treat myself to a D.C.
 The white marshmallow. (I don't have a pic of Tootsie in her pink one yet)
Nora's first time in the snow.


Young People in Love said...

everything about this makes me sooo happy!
speaking of your date- chas keeps asking when we're gonna watch your littles so you guys can hit the town.

I PROMISE it will happen.
so get ready for date night #5 coming soon!

Anna M said...

oh I want a fluffy white marshmallow in the worst kind of way now.

sorry about the cysts; I can empathize with that one. Hurt like a mother.