Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Boobs.

If you weren't so darned healthy for my babies I would be tempted to hack you off. Why, when I am doing the "healthy" option for my Stella, do you feel the need to get Mastitis when she is almost 10 months old?!? Not to mention that last time you hit me with this ton of bricks it was Thanksgiving Day and now you throw me for a loop again on the day that I am supposed to take both girlies to Logan for the weekend by my self. Hopefully the family at the wedding/Christmas party will get a laugh out of the lopsided-ness of you two due to this infection. Thanks again. Sincerely, TheMomWhoWishesHerDaughterWasOneSoSheCouldStopBeingTheHouseholdCow

***Note:I am very grateful for the ability to breastfeed. I know not everyone can and I count it a blessing that I can. Sometimes it just hurts like hell.


The A Gang said...

Seriously... Heather! You are soo dang funny!

Holly said...'s 4am and here I am nursing, nursing, nursing, trying to fight off mastitis myself. But, I'm grateful because normally my guy sleeps through the night but tonight he has woken up every 3 hours to eat. I think it's making a difference. Any tips to fighting it w/antibiotics would be much appreciated.

Holly said...

I meanout w/out antibiotics...again, it's 4am =)