Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decking The Halls & High Flying.

This year I stumbled upon amazingness called Beck Christmas Tree Farm. No more driving 3+ hours, hiking through waist deep snow while hauling one kid on the back and one in the  belly, trying to tie a tree on the roof with frozen fingers and then finally hitting the road for the loooong drive home and getting stuck in a last year. This year we hit up the Beck Family Farm in Alpine, UT for a much more pleasant experience that also resulted in cutting a live tree. You pay $50, walk all aroung the farm to find your perfect live tree, and then one of the Beck family drives over on their 4-wheeler and cuts the fresh tree for you. Oh and then the haul it to your car. Bonus: the have free trimmings to take home to make garlands/wreaths. It was so fun and soooo nice not to leave the christmas tree cutting event hating your tree after all the greif/time it has taken. It was perfect. Simply perfect. Thanks Papa Doug!

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