Sunday, December 4, 2011

From The Mouth Of Babes.

Nora: Daddy you coming? (to play dolls)
Me: Daddy loves to play dolls Nora.
Nora: You doOOo? (in traditional Nora tone)
Aaron: I doOOo
Aaron: I'll put on her shorts or pants, or whatever they are.
Nora: I think I would like to call them bloomers.
Aaron: Ok, let's lay her on her blanket like this.
Nora: I think I would like to swaddle her.
Aaron: Ok.
Nora: I think I would like to put her in the carseat.

Got to love a girl who knows what she likes.

Too bad the think that she likes best, the infamous Mommy Bunny, got left in Layton today. If I bald by the time December 16th rolls around it is because I have ripped my hair out from Nora asking over and over again where Mommy Bunny is. Once she safely returns from her vacation from Nora I think I will start a blog series about said bunny. Her life is probably more interesting than mine most days.

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Emma Frances said...

What a cute little one you have! :) And I hope she gets her Mommy Bunny back soon!!