Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grey's And Bernette.

Do any of you other Greys Anatomy watchers often wonder why you watch it becasue 9 out of 10 times the end of the show makes you feel like you just got punched it the gut?!? I was watching last night while trying to sew on my newly working sewing machine (I terrifyingly took it apart on my own, put it back together and it works like a charm...except for the one loose piece rattling around) Bernette while crying over that pathetic show when I asked myself why I put myslef through such torture. On another t.v. related note, I hope all you ladies/gents out there are watching Revenge and The Bachelor. I not so secretly look forward to both every week. Back to Bernette. I found this awesome tutorial yesterday for a pencil skirt. Easiest thing I have ever sewn. Start to finish took less time than it took to watch Greys without the commercials and stopping three times to but Tootsie back in bed. So if you are in need of something new/cheap for the wardrobe try it out. I made mine is a brown/tan houndstooth pattern but unfortunately a picture is not available becasue the skirt is currently covered in Stella vomit.


Anna M said...

oh, I cannot watch Grey's Anatomy. I tried and felt as you explained. So, Bachelor it is. And Winter Wipeout. We're classy over here.

Yes, you can make me a skirt. THANKS!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love that you just take apart your own machine - way to go!