Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas With A Stella {Part 2}.

Yesterday my sweet Stella pulled over the Christmas tree. It broke 3 ornaments, ruined 2 gifts and soaked the carpet. The tree was not salvageable. Remind me again why I put up a tree this year?? The funny part of it all is that she pulled it over while trying to get the fat Santa ornament that sings Feliz Navidad, Aaron's favorite Christmas song. After two hours of cleaning and vacuuming endless amounts of pine needles I turned around to Stella dumping the entire bag of goldfish crackers in the fan that was drying the carpet. We may have lost our Christmas tree but inside our house it was snowing magical goldfish snow. Stella is a stinker but I can never stay mad for long because she is just. like. me. Merry Christmas sweet girl!

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Jeff and Ash said...

so excited for the things I have to look forward to. Pretty funny.