Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Story About Eating My Placenta.

This post has been on my mind for two months now. But somehow it kept getting pushed to the back burner with all the princess dresses I have been sewing, toddler bed nightmare I have been living, the holidays, packing, Disneyland and sickness going on around here. But here I am and I am excited to finally get to share this experience with you.

As you all know I gave birth to a little sweetie in October. A few months prior to delivery my friend Sam was telling us at her baby shower that she was going to encapsulate her placenta after delivery. I had heard of this process vaguely but didn't pay much attention for three reasons: 1. We didn't have the money for it 2. I hadn't had any trouble after either of my other deliveries 3. Frankly it sounded a bit gross.

Two weeks before my due date my mom and dad offered to gift me my placenta in pill form as a baby gift. That took care of factor #1.
Then Sam proceeded to tell me about all the benefits of placenta encapsulation that I hadn't ever heard about.
That took care of factor #2.
As for factor #3...I still think it's a bit gross.

Unfortunately Sam was unable to encapsulate her placenta because the hospital accidentally destroyed it. (They burn the old placentas in case you were wondering) But she was kind enough to pass along her info for the placenta lady she was going to use, Alisha from The Healing Group.

Here's the basics:
The placenta is saved in a fridge by the nurses station and picked up at the hospital by whom ever is preparing your placenta with in 24 hours after delivery. Then within 48 hours the pills are returned to you. You take a differing amounts for the first two weeks and then after that it is two capsules a day. The amount of capsules you receive depends on the size of your placenta. I'm pretty sure my placenta was twice as big as my baby so I have enough capsules for months and months. It cost $200.

Common Benefits:
Increase in energy postpartum.
Decrease in postpartum depression.
Quicker recovery.
Healthier hair/decreased hair loss postpartum.
Increased immune system.
Increase in iron to prevent anemia.
Increase in milk supply.
Milk comes in earlier.
And i'm sure there are more but I can't think of them all at the moment.

I have never had a problem with anything besides hair loss and anemia (only while nursing Nora). But because I had to wean her early due to low iron that benefit alone was enough to win me over. Or so I should say I thought I had no problems after delivery. I still have easy recoveries but this one was a breeze!

Here is how taking my placenta benefited me:
Increase in energy. I came home after 24 hours and cooked/cleaned/ran errands from day one. Which was a huge blessing considering I had no help besides Aaron this time around. It made the transition from 2 to 3 seamless.
Quicker recovery. Stopped bleeding after 8 days ladies!!!
Healthier hair. I haven't lost a strand.
I'm assuming I am not anemic because I have not experienced any paleness or decrease in energy.
Milk came in 48 hours after delivery and I have an abundant amount.

I am a believer. And will be forking out $200 each pregnancy for my placenta pills.
If you need/want more information feel free to email me at
A big thank you to Sam and Alisha and to my Mom and Dad for the funding!


Jamie said...

Very interesting. I have actually never heard of this. At first I was likea bout to throw up, but I might have to look into this more....I wonder if my HSA would cover something like this?

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