Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dear Mabel.

Happy 9 months big girl! I think you are officially a red head. And you can't seem to stay out of trouble for one minute if you are left on your own. The bathroom and the floor lamp seem to draw you in every time I set you down. You have mastered the speed crawl and have permanently rashy/dirty knees because of it. You have also learned to pull yourself up to stand but aren't super sturdy yet, probably due to the fact that you prefer to stand on tip toes. Sleep is still a battle we are fighting but you are nursing faster and for less time each day so it's not too bad to nurse you all night since I get the extra love. You love to watch dogs, wave, clap and blow raspberries. You still hate bottles, binkies, diaper changes and sleep. You also started this funny new move we call the mermaid. When you are held under your arms you point your toes and flip your legs back and forth like a mermaid. It is adorable and a crowd pleaser every time. Mabel, you are still my little angel baby and I am continuously reminded of how much I needed you in my life and what I was missing before your journey to earth. I love you to the stars little Red!
Love, Momma

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