Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From The Mouth of Babes...And Their Momma.

This week has been exhausting to say the least. Baby boy is giving me a glimpse of what I imagine raising boys must be like because he is full of energy and never stops moving. On top of that we just finished round 3 of antibiotics for Stella's double ear infections and it looks as though the fluid wont be clearing up on it's own.  We visit the ENT tomorrow to schedule her for tubes. But despite all that my kids keep me laughing. Here are a few things they have said and/or I have said to them in the past week that I never expected to hear/say as a mom.

1. Stella: "I'm not a kid anymore, I can wear whatever I want!"

2. Nora: "Mom, today Dad pulled out his pocket knife and cut of all my skins (cuticles)" Aaron is guilty of this as well as picking boogers from Stella's nose with tweezers.

3. Me: "Mabel, stop pinching my boobs!"

4. Stella: "I'm a dult (and adult) Mom, I do what I want!"

5. Me: "Stop choking your sister!"

6. Me: "Who peed all over the floor?"

7. Me (to Mabel): "Get your hand out of every ones butt cracks girl!"

8. Me (to Mabel on multiple occasions this week): "Stop licking the bottoms of shoes!"

9. Mabel: "Di Coke Mom?"

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