Monday, March 23, 2009

Goldfish Crackers and Pregnant Bellies

Updated news for those I don't see everyday on the playground at home: I am due on Sunday! Yay! But the doc thinks I might go past my due date so she has set a tentative inducement date of Saturday night April 4th...meaning Nora will most likely be born on April 5th. And per my Doc's orders I am only working 1/2 days now, so I am home every afternoon, which has been wonderful!

And for those of you who wanted a glimpse of a 9 month along pregnant belly it is your lucky day, because Aaron insisted he take pics of it yesterday before church...but for those of you who get grossed out by seeing my giant Buddha (you know who you are...Courtney and Nate) look no further-you have been warned!

And as for the golfish crackers mentioned in the title...I would like to thank Miriam Sue, my favorite little 2 year old, for sharing her goldfish crackers during church yesterday. They were so delicious that I had to go buy some today and am currently devouring them while I type. Yummm goldfish and blogging while wearing a giant oversized sweatshirt on a cold day...what a perfect Monday afternoon!


Cassidy and AE Harris said...

oh your so cute pregnant! Did you guys get another new couch? I like that one a lot!

Alison said...

Cute bump. You are definetly ready to go. Good luck!