Monday, December 7, 2009

Sitting In A Duck While Eating A Chicken

One of Nora's favorite passtimes it taking a "tubby", or bath as it is commonly known. She has this baby tub that is a blow up duck that quacks when you squeeze its beak. She also loves to drink the tub water, which drives Aaron nuts. But recently she has had another bath time favorite...which is sticking her toy chickens butt in her mouth and chewing on it (thanks to my uncle Nate for having these toys at his Cache County fair kiosk-and not caring that we stole one)...I think she likes the squeaky sound it makes.

Anyways...keep reading for multiple new posts.

Love Y'all!


Jamie said...

ha, Logan has this ducky bath too and I love it. Except now he freaks out when he gets in a normal bath. Oh well. I love it cause I don't have to worry if he slips.

I love the chicken idea.

Anne and Michael Whyte said...

Okay, so Emma had a duck that she stuck in her mouth like that. It was hilarious. But the bath water thing... Emma drinks it too and it drives me nuts. Mike doesn't seem to think it's gross....
Can't wait to see darling little Nora next weekend (and you too, of course)!! We haven't seen her since she was a couple of weeks old. In fact, I don't know if Mike has ever seen her!

Dynamic duo said...

Heather! You are so great at this blogging thing. I love your style - talking to your adorable Nora. I've come to terms with you stealing my favorite name. HA! Has Aaron found a job? Check out Wells Fargo. They are always hiring and even if he gets a personal banker or credit manager job right now - it is something and he can move around the company so much easier. What better place to start than a BANK when you are in Finance!! I'll keep my eyes out for other jobs. Let me know your email because I get weekly if not more often emails from "contacts"!