Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Love You, I Hate You!

Dearest Walmart....I love you...I hate you...I just can't decide how I feel about you. You provide such wonderful services like price matching and electric wheelchairs...but you smell and are crowded...I just don't know.
Love, Me
I went to Walmart today, bought 53 items and spent $112! For those of you who can't do math without a calculator like me, that equals $2.11 and item...which is pretty good considering I bought 2 packs of jumbo diapers and an extra large bottle of laundry detergent and clothes for Nora and all my groceries and 2 christmas gifts. Thanks Naomi for teaching me the art of couponing. After spending and hour and half grocery shopping at Walmart I am physically exhausted but not so poor, and I do look forward to the day when I know where everything is in the store so I don't have to walk down the same aisle 3 times as the workers stocking the shelves stare at me and my extremely LOUD baby.
On another extremely LOUD baby has officially found her voice, and I am worried that when she learns to talk I might never get a word in. We call it "singing" but really its a monotone AHHHHHHHH at the top of her lungs. With an occasional DADA and NANA. Nora is also crawling like a pro, pulling herself up to standing on the furniture edges and walking along them. It is so fun to see her learn and grow...but not so fun that she pulls all the books and games off the bottom 2 shelves why I try and squeeze a workout in. She also learned to walk forward in her walker, not just backwards...and if anyone feels like buying me some steel toed boots for Christmas, it might prevent my toes from getting squished everytime Nora runs over them in her walker while I cook/clean the kitchen. Ahh the joys of motherhood! LOVE YOU NORA RUTH!!!!

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