Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bebe Nora is 9 Months Old!

Sweet BeBe Nora,

You turned 9 months old yesterday and your Dad and I can hardly believe how much you have grown. You are still a baby but Dad often prefers to call you a "little human". You seem to be a little over-achiever in everything you do and it has been especially apparent this month. In the past month you have learned to speed crawl, pull yourself up on furniture and walk around it, drink from a straw (and Aunt Courtney's' water bottle), wave "hi", clap your hands, say "Dad" all the time, and just today you stood all by yourself not holding onto anything at all! My smart girl! I don't know that I am ready for you to be growing so fast, but it is very exciting to see you learning so many new things. Your Dad and I predict that you will be walking by the end of the month. You also learned to grunt and straighten your arms into fists whenever you want something. It is a common occurrence during dinner when you think you don't have enough food. People keep telling us that we need to teach you sign language, but we know what the grunt means. You still only have 2 teeth, and I keep hoping you will get 2 on the top so I wouldn't worry so much about giving you real food. Maybe you can grow some more this month. You also learned to blow spit bubbles with your mouth, and blow bubbles when we give you water in a "big girl cup". And thanks Squishy for taking such great naps this past month! I guess all this new learning is taking up some of your energy.

We love you Nora Ruth and are so proud of you!

Love you more!


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Alison said...

Look at those eyes. Before you know it, she will be all grown and having her own. Hold on tight!