Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funnies By Nate

My little bro Nate calls Nora "Her Highness".

Nora: Crawling towards Nate wherever he goes....
My Mom: "Nate she just wants to play"
Nate: "Maybe it will be fun when she is older....(mumbling..."MUCH older")

Nate: Using his fingers to show Nora how to walk..."Come on Nora, just walk right into the middle of the room"...sighs when she doesn't comply..."come on Nora just walk to the middle of the room....and take your bow!" Take your bow? She's not in the circus!

Last but not least...
Nate always wants to sit by Aaron at dinner. (and delegate where everone else sits) But him and Aaron have "assigned" spots. Nora's highchair just happens to sit at the corner conecting Nate and Aaron...since day 1 of Nora being in a highchair, Nate always asks if I can move her to my side because...."she just stares at me while I eat."
Nate pretends he doesn't like Nora...your not fooling anyone buddy!

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