Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blast From The Past (No laughing please!)

Our good friend Ron and my father-in-law Doug threw a traditional 18th century dinner. We wore period clothing, ate period appropriate food, and even learned traditional dances. It was lot of fun! And for those of you who read my blog...a while back I was talking about my sewing projects. I made the shirt/vest/and apron for the 18th century evening. I think sewing is my new hobby...splat mats and bibs are next...wish me luck!


Monica and Dave said...

For some reason my computer won't load you pictures, and I'm all prepared to laugh at your blast from the past. I'll try back again. Hey- We're going to come to Nora's b-day party, and we're bringing a side dish! We'll see you next monday!

Dan and Jen said...

You guys looked fabulous!!! And I'm still super impressed with the sewing skills... truly! It was a fun night. Totally different but very fun.

And I totally meant to RSVP weeks ago... We will be there Monday night. I hope our late RSVP doesn't mess up your plans.