Friday, April 2, 2010

As of Late...

Life has been busy lately! Here's a short update.
1. I decided to let Nora cry herself to sleep. This occured on Wednesday. Aaron came home for lunch right during nap time, and I think it was harder on him than on Nora. It only took 20 min and she was out. Yesterday it took 5 min. Today, about 30 seconds! Wahoo! People have asked why I didn't do this was because I wasn't ready emotionally. Now we are ready to travel this summer with out nap battles. Yay!
2. Nora is almost 1...don't forget about her party peoples! (See older post) We would love for you all to come celebrate with us.
3. Nora learned a new throw her food on the floor. So I made a splat mat. It was really easy, but would have been way easier if I would have splurged for the iron-on vinyl so it would have stuck to the fabric. I will remember for next time, but as for now it protects the floor so I am happy.
4. Boxing is kicking my butt, but I am currently in jeans I haven't fit in for ages!!! Anyone want to come with me?
5. Nora has always love tooth brushes. We recently got her one of her own so she can brush with us. She loves it, and I love that my daughter doesn't have barf breath!
6. My Aunt Naomi and I took a road trip to Idaho for my Aunt Judy's wedding. It went something like this...88 oz. of diet coke to keep the moms sane, while there was carseat #1 holding Aleena, carseat #2 holding Bailee, and carseat #3 holding Nora...side by side in the back seat. By the time we got home you couldn't see the floor of the car through all the garbage and baby stuff. It was a FUN time!

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