Monday, May 10, 2010

Our New Babies!

I am laughing to myself at all of you who saw the title to this post and thought it would be about me being pregnant hehe. Sorry folks.
These are our two new babies....
A silver 2006 Subie and a red 2007 Honda Rebel.
***These are not actual pictures, just ones I found on the internet. It's raining and I am way too lazy to brave that for a legit pic.
We decided due to hard economic times to become a 1 car family. We were very lucky and sold both of our cars with in a couple days of posing them. (For way more than we expected!)
We also were very lucky to find such a FABULOUS deal on a newer subie to "share"...which was the plan until Aaron found another FAB deal on a motorcycle and now that will be his "car" until next winter when the car-sharing will take effect.

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Charity said...

hey girl, i just found your blog and it is fun to see! i hope i will see your beautiful face around sometime soon and that all three of you are happy. love you heather.