Sunday, May 9, 2010

Veggie Tales

Today for my Mother's day present to myself I planted a garden. 20 strawberry plants (actually planted 2 weeks ago), 1 tomato plant (mostly for Aaron and to make salsa), zucchini, white pumpkins, watermelon (don't know how that will go in Utah...), and jumbo orange pumpkins (it is my dream to make it to the state fair with one of these bad boys!) Stay posted for updates through the summer on how our crops are doing, keeping in mind I am no expert on planting so I have no idea if anything will grow.
And, yes I know the watermelon patch on the left looks like a mini graveyard...hopefully that isn't a bad omen...

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Annika said...

I think my mom did watermelons one time. I hear they were good, but not so big... I feel like it's part luck though because my mom's pretty well versed in gardening but we got almost nothing out of our zucchinis last year!