Monday, July 19, 2010


A couple weekends ago our friends Katie and Mike invited us on a last min. trip to their cabin in Driggs, Idaho. We packed up the car and hit the road. Nora did really well considering she didn't sleep at all during the 4.5 hour drive! Luckily for us the portable dvd player we had bought for Bear Lake next week arrived the exact day we left for Idaho. It was our saving grace! We had a ton of fun up in Idaho. We drove to Jackson Hole, ate AMAZING huckleberry shakes, played a bunch of Nintendo 64, and I read the new Stepanie Meyer short story. It was a great trip! Thanks K + M!
We left on Sunday morning after stopping at BK for breakfast. Nora wore the Twilight crown almost all they way home while feeding her bunny her water. On our drive home Aaron dropped Nora and I off at Aunt Rachie's in Logan to spend the next few days. It was so great to have her help with Nora since I have been so naseous! The pic with Court was taken at Tony's Grove. We went up and picniced and walked around the lake. It was so much fun to take a last min. vacay with my hubby and sweet Nora. And it prepared me for just how much stuff I will have to pack for next weeks adventure to Bear Lake. It gives me a whole new appreciation for my parents taking us kids on trips when we were much work!
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