Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Month Of Firsts

15 months came and went with many "firsts". Two more teeth cut of which was your first molar. I think we both are sad that you/I have to go through that again! You are making your first sentences consisting of two words, usually "Hi Dad" (he is by far your favorite right now!). You had your first, and second, and third....night away from home. The first was didn't go so well. The second, and third, and so on, were all in Logan at Aunt Rachie's and you did fabulous! Tomorrow will be your first time outside of Utah, to Idaho with K + M. (Please do as fabulous as you do at Rachie's!) You had fish for the first time and loved it. You got your first baby doll, whom you named "May May" after Megan, and carry her everywhere. You watched fireworks for the first time. You were much more entertained with the dinky little poppers you throw on the sidewalk than with the actual firework show.
You are definitely my little toddler now although you will always be my baby.
We love you Tootsie!
Happy 15 Months.
Love, Mom and Dad

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Annika said...

Oh man those little exploding snaps were definitely the best part of the 4th of July when I was little.