Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Six Dollars Ever Spent

Thanks to sweet Katie I got the fabric for the total crib skirt project cost approx. six dollars for the velcro and hem tape.
$6 and 1 hour later.
Crib skirt for the new bebe.
I know I maybe nuts for wanting entirely new room decor for the little one in my belly, but thanks to my frugal nature it has been super easy to make the switch.
Sold old crib on KSL...bought BRAND new one for $10 more.
The alphabet themed wall art (to be seen at a future date) has costed me a total of $30.
Total: $40
Sold old baby swing for $20.

New Total: $20! (As of now...I still need some sheets and a changing table of sorts)
Now I just have to hurry up and wait...

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Brittany said...

you are so clever. I love it and am excited to see it all come together