Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Strange Request

I'm trying to compile songs for a "baby playlist" for when I deliver baby girl #2 in late February/early March.
I have a few that I know I want on the list...
...but if I have a 15 hour labor again I am going to need a lot more!
I am trying to have a natural childbirth and have found music is the best way to keep me calm and collected while I try to gracefully endure the most painful experience of my life.
Sounds horrid I know, but I am actually SUPER excited.
Any song suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


-Matthew- said...

What kind of music are you in to?

Brittany said...

"I will survive" and anything Enya helped me with labor, Yellowcard .... I had a cd called "July delivery" and there was soft music to loud music....I mixed it up but had more calming music.

Aaron, Heather, Nora And Baby Edwards said...

Thanks Britt! And Matt: anything with words that is relaxing or will give me motivation to pop that baby out.

Kimerly said...

..wish I would have thought of that,when I had you and your siblings! I would've had Sarah Brightman, ocean music cd's, and some Bob 'bout "No Woman, No Cry"? You're a GREAT mommy!

Lindsey said...

Capri by Colbie Caillat and Details in the Fabric by Jason Mraz