Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Nora Funny

Nora hates to put her coat on. Regardless of the 20 degree weather she would rather not wear one. I wont let her go coat-less though because I don't want her catching a cold. Yesterday after an especially tough time trying to get her to come put her coat on and Nora running away to "hide", I put her in time-out in the small white plastic chair in the the dark because I was so frustrated I forgot to turn the light on when I left.
The rest of the coat battle played out like this:
Me: "Ok Nora, you can come out of time-out when you are ready to get your coat on"
About 30 seconds later Nora walked in the room...
Nora: "Wawa's (Nora's) coat"
I grabbed her coat being impressed she caught on so fast and came to me rather than sitting in time-out.
About 30 seconds later...
Nora: "No coat. Time-out."
And she proceeded to walk back into the dark nursery and plopped down in the chair and started reciting her alphabet sounds to herself.
My funny girl.
An afterthought I had: I should make the time-out chair Nora's potty. If she wants to sit in time-out we might as well potty train and kill two birds with one stone, right?!

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