Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Hoot.

Tootsie got to walk to King's English with Bubba and I yesterday to choose a new book for being such a good girl. We discovered Little Hoot. I had heard of Little Pea from my bestie K., but didn't know it was a trilogy (also included is Little Oink). I am in love! I often times wonder if I enjoy children's books more than actual children do but whatever. Little Hoot just topped my chart. It is going to become my staple baby gift from now on. A-dorable.

Note: I should have used a better word than "walk" to King's English, but I couldn't think of the correct terminology. It took us 45 min to get the 2 blocks there, choose a book (10 Min) and make the 2 block trek home. Tootsie insisted on not riding in the stroller. So she walked, ran, hopped like a bunny; walked backwards, on her toes, and on her heals. Then she decided to stop and talk to an elderly gentleman, to talk to her friend Carolyns' house, to talk to the house where her pal Gus lives....and then to talk to a garden hose and a fly.

Love ya Toots!

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